Learn How the City of Las Vegas is Closing the Digital Divide

Partnerships Are Driving Wireless Connectivity Solutions to Improve Education, Public Safety, and Turn Las Vegas into a Smart City.

The City of Las Vegas is on a mission to build communities to make life better and change its image from party-city to tech-hub. It all starts with improving broadband connectivity for its residents. 

“There were a lot of things that made Baicells stand out. We had great support the whole way, but what really set it apart was the full-breadth of Baicells products that offered a full solution.

Michael Sherwood

CIO of City of Las Vegas

“Baicells had a good selection of products available in the CBRS spectrum that we could deploy in a timely fashion. Working with Baicells, we were able to deploy at a much better price point than we could have with other manufacturers."

Bart van Aardenne

Managing Member of Terranet

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Connect More With Less

Connect More With Less
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The team is looking at additional opportunities as the city continues to expand its wireless network, including improving connectivity for law enforcement, telehealth, and general IoT infrastructure. City officials also see a burgeoning need to support the upcoming 5G transformation and have determined that Baicells future-proofed technology makes it a good fit to carry Las Vegas as it drives to become the next Smart City. 

that specializes in working with municipalities and other verticals to seek a solution that could provide robust wireless internet connectivity, be installed quickly, and stay within budget. 

Ultimately, Terranet and the City of Las Vegas chose Baicells Nova 436Q paired with indoor Atom CPEs to provide fixed-wireless LTE connections in areas that had the greatest impact at lessening the digital divide across the cities many neighborhoods.

Terranet and the city of Las Vegas completed a proof-of-concept project within 45 days, providing the city with ample evidence that Baicells products could be easily installed, easily maintained, and supply the city with the wireless network they were looking for. There are currently 15 sites deployed in the pre-determined areas of need, with a 4-stage plan to expand the wireless network across the entire city.

In the beginning of 2020, as the pandemic began to mount, City of Las Vegas officials became concerned with the breadth of the digital divide that their constituents were facing. Thousands of children didn't have internet access and were struggling to remain connected to their schools. A solution needed to be found.

Las Vegas began to work with Terranet, a technology integrator 

“Baicells made it possible, it specifically connects them directly to their schooling, so we know that the CPEs we hand out are being used for educational purposes."

Chris Craig

Deputy IT Director of City of Las Vegas

"Baicells' gears are fabulous, and really helped to bring the network together here in Las Vegas"

Mike Kerr

Managing Member of Terranet

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