BaiCare Program & Service Level Agreement

What is BaiCare

May 1 - 3, 2015
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Baicells service strategy aims to provide customers with a quick and effective response in cases of malfunction of either the equipment or software, as well as provisioning professional solutions based on the knowledge of central competence centers.

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Total Service Plan to Fit Your Budget and Capabilities

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The BaiCare Program is a service level agreement that was established to better assist our growing customer base and provide all Baicells operators with the necessary support needed to provide network operators with top-tier network management and assistance. As our customer base has continued to grow, the time needed to provide each customer with adequate care has grown as well. The BaiCare program will allow operators of any sized network to have access to Baicells support through various mediums depending on the service level agreement signed.

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Baicells Support Ticket

Support Levels

Return & Replacement

Online Tools & Software Upgrades

Three Ways to Open a Ticket


Direct through the website.

Direct to our support team.

Only available for Silver and Gold Tiers.

BaiCare Support Levels

Best Effort

Email Support

Software Upgrade

Hardware Diagnosis

Standard Warranty

Standard RMA

Permanent Fix: 6 Months

Lvl 1, Lvl 2 & Lvl 3 Support


9:00AM - 6:00PM CST., SLA

Email and Phone Support

Software Upgrade

Hardware Diagnosis

Standard Warranty

*Advanced Replacement

Permanent Fix: 4 Months

Lvl 1, Lvl 2 & Lvl 3 Support

Service Fee Applied

1 Business Day Shipping

Priority Access

Service Fee Applied

Lvl 1, Lvl 2 & Lvl 3 Support

Top Priority Access

Permanent Fix: 3 Months

1 Business Day Shipping

*Advanced Replacement

*All Risks Advanced Replacement with Active Warranty Plan

Hardware Diagnosis

Software Upgrade

Email and Phone Support

24/7 Support, SLA







Return Material Authorization (RMA) Levels





Processing Time

3 Business Days

45 Calendar Days

Monday - Friday

4 Business Hours

1 Business Day

Monday - Friday

Shipment Time


Optional Enhanced Services Upgrades


Total Care

4 Business Hours

1 Business Day

Monday - Friday

Lightning Damage Coverage

RF Network Tuning and Optimization is important for customers to maintain a high performing network post network rollout.

Network Optimization

Software Upgrade Support

A technical expert will support Software Upgrades and optimize the software so the customer can fully utilize any new functions as requested.

Onsite Support

Baicells can arrange for an experienced engineer to work onsite to perform troubleshooting or support deployments.


Baicells can provide various training services related to the daily maintenance of the Customer’s Equipment to enhance the network's maintenance.

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Open Support Tickets

BaiCare will be available in three different tiers with price being based on a percentage of the product's MSRP and the service package the customer purchases.

Need to talk to the support team? Use these methods to get in touch.

The Baicells Return Center will process the faulty equipment within three (3) business days after receiving the Standard RMA request from the Customer’s authorized representative. Under Baicare Advance Replacement (Silver or Gold), Baicells will process the advance replacement equipment within the first four (4) business hours after receiving a confirmed Repair and Replacement Services request from the Customer. 

Enhanced services are available as an additional cost to BaiCare agreements. Baicells would like to support our customers and provide flexible support based on your specific requirements. The enhanced services include:

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